Distance Learning

Challenger’s e-Missions™ are distance learning videoconference simulations in which students connect with a flight director at the center and use their problem solving, math, and science abilities to work their way through a scenario fraught with crises. Each year more than 750 video connections are made to classrooms around the world. In fact, e-Missions™ have now been delivered to 18 countries in addition to the United States. President George W. Bush even took part in an e-Mission in 2004 while visiting a school in Pennsylvania.


The e-Lab™ programs are virtual and interactive lessons in various science subjects, such as physical science, chemistry, life science, and earth science that include a live videoconference event.  During an e-Lab™ scientists perform experiments and demonstrations, guide students through difficult concepts, while asking and answering questions. Students are inspired to ask questions and draw conclusions to deepen their understanding of many core concepts. Since it’s inception in late 2012, e-Labs™ have reached 13 states and 3 countries.


To check out our e-Missions™ and e-Lab™ programs, go to www.e-missions.net