Q. What programs does e-TechTeach offer?


A. We currently offer a 2-week drop-in curriculum package for college instructors of pre-service teachers, and a half-day professional development workshop designed for current educators.



Q. What does your professional development program for current teachers involve?


A. The workshop for in-service teachers requires at least one hour of pre-training work, and an actual face to face time with our e-TechTeach advisors for approximately four hours.  The timeline of the workshop can be adapted to fit the needs of the participating school or district. Contact us to learn how this workshop can be implemented for your specific inservice timeframe.



Q. Do you offer training for small groups or entire school districts?


A. Our teacher workshop program can be adapted for all sizes of groups.  The workshop involves individual pre-class work, in-class group work, and collaboration with the e-TechTeach advisor via videoconferencing, all of which can be modified for individual needs.





Q. Will my attendance count toward my continuing education requirements?


A. Dependent upon the state you are certified in, workshop hours can be counted toward continuing education credits.  See your specific state‚Äôs requirements to be sure.


Q. What are the technical requirements for participating in the workshop?


A. In order to complete the pre-training activities and videoconferencing event, participants need to have access to an internet accessible laptop or tablet. In order to conduct the portion of the workshop in which teachers are connected with the Challenger Learning Center, the facility will need to have a projector and either videoconferencing equipment or a Skype account.


Q. What are the costs of your programs and how do I register?


A. To inquire about pricing and registration, please call (304) 243- 8738.