Professional Development

e-TechTeach™ provides two types of programs:


- A curriculum package for college instructors: This two-week drop in course is designed for college instructors who teach pre-service teachers at least 3 hours a week.


- A half-day workshop training for current educators: This professional development program is designed to serve teachers of all grade levels and subject areas.


Through participation in either of the e-TechTeach™ programs, teachers will be prepared to not only implement technology effectively into their instruction, but also to foster skill development amongst students that will prepare them for the technology rich environment in which they live.


Goal #1: Teachers will gain an understanding of how to implement a “flipped classroom,” in which lesson material is presented through video, and class time is spent working on activities that promote higher order thinking skills. Teachers will learn through:


- viewing a variety of instructional media produced by Aaron Sams, and engaging in question and answer sessions.


- creating an actual flipped lesson (including objective, assessment, and video) that teachers can use in their classroom.


Goal #2: Teachers will become familiar with some of the current technology available, and be able to incorporate this technology into meaningful lessons that teach students the skills necessary to be successful in modern times. In order to achieve this, teachers will:


- understand how to use technology to improve their teaching of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) content and how the arts can support STEM learning.


- be introduced to iPad Apps and Web 2.0 tools that can be used in creating student-centered lessons.


- participate in one of Challenger’s e-Missions™ or e-Labs™, and discuss how these such programs could enhance classroom learning.


- create technology-rich lessons that could be used in their own classroom using the SAMR model and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy as guidelines.