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e-TechTeach™ knows that today’s teachers face new challenges with students whose lives are dominated by technology. Many traditional teaching methods fail to capture the interest of these upcoming “technocitizens” or to provide them the skills needed for the 21st century and beyond. e-TechTeach™ strives to educate teachers on how to effectively use technology in their instruction; to go beyond the walls of a traditional classroom and create student-centered lessons aligned with the national Common Core standards as well as 21st Century Skills.


e-TechTeach™ is a creation of the Challenger Learning Center (CLC) in Wheeling, WV, one of 42 centers worldwide that serves as a living legacy to the seven astronauts lost on the space shuttle Challenger. Since 1994, the CLC has used science and math to help students build the skills most needed for the 21st century, including decision making, teamwork, problem solving, and communication. Since our founding we have reached more than 275,000 students and adult learners. Each year more than 30,000 students fly missions either at our on site location in Wheeling or via videoconferencing through our e-Missions™ and e-Lab™ programs. Our Challenger Learning Center has been honored twelve years at the annual awards conference in three categories: Most Students Served, Most Missions Flown, and Most Teachers Trained.

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e-TechTeach Presented at TRETC




On November 20th, 2013, e-TechTeach presented its newest flipped e-Lab, entitled Matter Matters, at the Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference in Western Pennsylvania.  Participants experienced a hands-on, distance learning lab implemented using the flipped classroom approach as well as a question and answer session with Aaron Sams. To find out more, go to www.tretc.pghtechsites.org.